Curtis Coffins
Our Historyfrom the beginning


Our History

Curtis Coffins Ltd was founded in 1952 by Brendan and Angela Curtis. Sadly Brendan is no longer with us but today's Coffins and Caskets produced by Curtis Coffins Ltd are a testament to his memory. The current members of the Curtis family continue to run and develop the business and it is with the same knowledge and dedication to the craft that continues today as it was nearly 60 years ago. Curtis Coffins is not just about manufacturing a product, it's roots lie deeper than that. Curtis Coffins provide a product that is built on dedication , quality, trust and respect. In today's busy world where businesses come and go, Curtis Coffins has evolved through 5 decades and gradually built up a tradition and a culture that we want all our customers to share that same experience. We have a loyal, dedicated workforce and many of our craftsperson's are with the company 30 + years.

When we started off in 1952, Technology was limited, the majority of tools were hand tools, as is the case even today. Brendan's son Oliver became involved in the business at a very early age and guided by his father has brought Curtis Coffins to where it is today. He took the important step of beginning to bring new woodworking technologies into the business including CNC systems and created many of the original designs that are still in use today on our Coffins and Caskets. From running the business he also began to teach others in the use of the systems and even today is teaching the 4th generation of the Curtis family in the use of these systems and instilling in the younger generations of the Curtis Family the same ethic he learned from his father.

Today our manufacturing process has moved on from it's humble beginnings those many years ago. We have found the balance between mechanization and the manual skill required to retain our uncompromising quality that Brendan instilled in the company when he first started. Today approximately 50% of the work is still done manually and the final products are assembled by our expert craftsperson's, coupled with their exacting standards each unfinished coffin or casket is reviewed and approved before entering it's final stages of readiness. Oliver oversees the day to day operations from selection of raw materials, design and production of the final products. Focusing on the quality from beginning to end, that same attention to detail instilled within him from Brendan and evident in every item produced.

Respect and Quality in all that we produce. We have an unsung motto in Curtis Coffins - 'Remembered in life, Respect in passing' - and while it may seem insignificant, it is our craftspeople that have ingrained that motto within the Curtis Coffins business. Their respect for the final product produced and ensuring it meets their demanding and exacting requirements ensures that each coffin or casket produced is of the highest quality and leaves our premises on it's final journey. From humble beginnings Curtis Coffins has grown to being one of the foremost manufacturers in Ireland of Coffins and Caskets, building up a strong customer base and today we have begun to export our products into our close neighbor, the U. K. such is the demand to have a quality Irish manufactured Coffin or Casket.